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May 2017

“…to make the Word of God fully known, the mystery hidden for ages and generations but now revealed to his saints. To them God chose to make known how great among the Gentiles are the riches of the glory of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ.” -Apostle Paul, Colossians 1:25b-28 (ESV)-

Below are some examples of how the above scriptures are being worked out through your partnership with us in both Indonesia and The Philippines. Thanks for giving! Thanks for praying! Thanks for being family!

BALI – An Island of Indonesia, Southwest of Java
• Mid-March ten Sougb men along with Yakobus and his workers from the Department of Agriculture West Papua, flew to Bali for free training in coffee growing and pig raising, training which empowers the Sougb missionaries regarding income to fund mission work. They were Christian examples in word, deed, and character, amidst a strong Hindu religious culture. They learned and experienced much!
• This activity connected government officials from very different locations with the common goal of livelihood development, thanks to our friend Yakobus who made this happen!
• Family in Christ from the Philippines came to see us in Bali since we also traveled there. Thanks Samongs, for spending your time/money to visit Indonesia. You encouraged us!!

BAPTISM – Lanao Fellowship in Mindanao Philippines
• Christ continues to be made known through his saints in the Philippines whom we are privileged to be a part of, living and serving there from 1994—2010.
• This past April, four more people decided to follow Jesus. Jessie & Maricel (JesCel Quinones) posted photos of the baptism fellowship on Facebook with the following quote on one of the photos, “Haide Palasan, Bonifacia Asentista, Mae Kris Abatayo, and Jonathan Samuel Quinones publically declaring their faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. They really need our prayers for their journey. Thanking God for their new life.” Thanks Cel & Jessie for your faithfulness! We are praying!!

BABO – A small Island in South Bintuni Bay, ministry base for Urias and family, Elimas and family
• Because Babo is an island, boats are needed for transportation. Our last update mentioned a boat accident involving Urias & Lois. Since then, Lois has healed up, and supporters have offered to help cover needs. Purchase of a new boat vs. repairs on the old almost reached the same amount, so a new boat it is. This can only be bought in the larger city of Fak-Fak in West Bintuni Bay where Jon will fly this coming August to help Urias secure the boat and bring it to Babo across the bay. Thank you, Glenside family, for your thoughtful and generous provision to cover this need!
• Three new units of Sougb missionaries recently joined and are already at work — Jois & Timotius in Babo (daughter & son-in-law of Urias), and the Igba brothers, Yustus and Makarius, working in the Bintuni Bay area. Currently they must support themselves, hence the reason we work hard to connect/train/empower the missionaries to be self-supporting. This month of May, Urias & Elimas are in Makassar, on the Island of Suluwesi, being trained for chicken/duck farming. This training is free, run by a Christian Chinese Indonesian, who is a friend of our friends Jack & Fatimah (thanks guys!), who connected us with him and his ministry. It’s not what you know but who you know!

BROOKFIELD – Suburb of Chicago IL USA, new home for Ellie, Tyler, Eva, and Levi starting in June
• Cornerstone Church in Brookfield IL recently hired Tyler, our awesome son-in-law, to be their full-time youth pastor, starting this month of May, and then moving the family into the parsonage early June.
• Since Ellie handles our mail, please note their/our new stateside address: 9012 Fairview Ave Brookfield IL 60513. Ethan & Adam share an apartment not far from there while Ethan finishes his second masters degree from Wheaton College in December, as Adam continues work at the zoo.
• Sherri returns to the USA May 9-June 6 to care for some medical things, plus help with the grandkids.

Serving Christ together with you, Jon & Sherri Lunow
Support to: PowerSurge Worship Ministries 22 Hemlock Dr Franklin NJ 07416
Communications to: (email remains the best way to connect with us)
Please refrain from sending packages and/or snail mail because of the complications and the cost. Thanks.

March 2017

“…Jesus replied to the man who told him, ‘Who is my mother and who are my brothers?’ And stretching out his hand toward his disciples, he said, ‘Here are my mother and my brothers! For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.’” –Matt 12:48-50

SUCCESSFUL GATHERING… The Sougb missionaries arrived safely from afar to Manokwari for encouragement, reporting, evaluation, planning regarding their ministries, and training for new coffee plantations (Feb 21-23). Much was accomplished in the spiritual realm and the physical realm! Imagine our surprise when the coffee trainer, our friend Jakobus, who works for the Department of Agriculture, announced that there is a special fund for the locals, and that 10 of the missionaries will be flown to a coffee farm in Bali, March 15-18, for on the job training, all expenses paid!! Thanks for your prayers!!!

SAFETY TRAVELING… God miraculously protected Urias Ahoren (pictured to the left of the clock wearing navy plaid with white stripes), along with his son-in-law and 1 year old grandson, who were thrown from their small speedboat into the ocean upon hitting something hidden from view under the surface. Lois, Urias’ wife, remained in the boat but sustained injuries on her left arm. The boat needs repair, Lois needs healing, and the others were shaken up but unharmed. They use this boat to travel back and forth from ministry base in Babo to ministry outpost in Aroba down in the Bomerai Peninsula. Continued survey regarding the Baham people in the Bomerai has been postponed to September. Your continued prayers are much appreciated regarding safety, healing, provision, timing.

Jon & Sherri Lunow (email remains the best form of communication:
Support: PowerSurge Worship Ministries 22 Hemlock Dr. Franklin NJ 07416 (201)230-9755


January 2017

sougbmissyprojectsSelamat Hari Tahun! Happy New Year 2017 from us Lunows here in Manokwari, West Papua, Indonesia!

ADDRESS TIDBITS… Manokwari, located above, in the top red circle, on the right side where the arrow is pointing. Yes, our address remains: D/A Jln Wajib Senyum no. 7 / Perumahan Dokter Sowi Gunung / Manokwari Papua Barat 98315 INDONESIA, however having an address does not equal receiving mail! We’ve been informed that International Flat Rate Boxes with bar code and tracking# travel best. A postal worker encouraged us to have senders take photos: 1) bar code & label on the package (before you go inside to mail it as our daughter learned no photos allowed inside!), 2) tracking# on the receipt, 3) send photos to us for the info (Email/Facebook/WhatsApp). He also said standard letters sometimes make it to Manokwari, sometimes get lost in Jakarta, no one can predict.. If you send something, let us know..

BAHAM TRIBE… Thanks to all who are praying for this people group, located in the third red circle down from the top, inside the left half and below. These are the tree people Jon/Urias/Elimas surveyed last year, whom we understand to be without a witness of God’s Word, either written or spoken. Translators and missionaries are needed, the Sougb people are willing, more research and additional contacts still required. Last half of March we plan visit the Bomerai Peninsula with Urias, Lois, Elimas in their home-ministry locations of Babo and Aroba (inside top right of 3rd circle), plus Baham areas as allowed.

COFFEE TREES… The latest addition to the Sougb Missionary livelihood projects is a new strain of successful coffee trees from Sumatra, East Indonesia. Praise God for our 2 Papuan friends with neccessary connections and knowledge, one providing the contact person and seed purchase, the other (who is with the Dept of Agriculture) is providing the training this coming February regarding planting/growing/harvesting.
CORNELIUS COMMUNITIES… Please keep praying with us for open hearts and homes (see Acts 10).

Thanks for your partnership in Christ, to know Him and to make Him known! –Jon & Sherri Lunow-
Support gifts to PowerSurge Worship Ministries 22 Hemlock Dr. Franklin NJ 07416 (201-230-9755)
Email: Jon’s cell: +6281316785706 Sherri’s cell: +6282113641719

October 2016

Lunow Update October 2016

STRENGTH… Our friend Albert Williams recently encouraged us with the following, “Strength beyond the Physical, ‘In the day when I cried out, you answered me, and made me bold with strength in my soul.’ On Psalm 138:3 James Nalton comments, ‘it is one gracious way of answering our prayers when God doth bestow upon us spiritual strength in our souls; if He does not give the things we desire, yet if He gives us strength in our souls, He graciously answers our prayers. What is this spiritual strength? I answer, it is a work of the Spirit of God, enabling a man to do and suffer what God would have him without fainting or backsliding’…”

SETTLING… How grateful we felt to land in Manokwari safe and sound with luggage in tact the morning of August 31st, an answer to many prayers! Upon arrival, we soon discovered that our housing and vehicle situation presented itself quite differently than previously agreed upon. The new truck secured by our downpayment found another owner with more authority who decided he needed it ahead of us and that we could buy the next one available in October (we did obtain it last week and praising God for this useful ministry tool). The necessary renovations on our rental house, also secured by downpayment, started to become a reality only after our arrival, an on-going process for us to oversee on site (currently renovations almost completed). We are learning new levels of flexing and adjusting to how things are done here. Little by little, with patience and endurance we are settling in. Your generous and faithful partnership make this possible–thanks!

SISKERA… At 4:30am on September 15th, we climbed into a rental truck with Sougb missionaries in order to travel 7 hours south by coastal road and then interior to the north side of Bintuni Bay. Forty years ago, Dan Lunow along with Sougb translators, hiked for 2 days (one way) over the mountains from Anggi Lakes to reach the Sougb village of Siskera with God’s Word. Hearts were open, Christ was embraced, and a small church formed. Now this area has 12 village churches, the newest one being one of the reasons for traveling there to celebrate—the fruit of souls for eternal life! Another reason to celebrate was the new village store being opened—the fruit of creativity among the Sougb missionaries to expand livelihood projects to help generate income for continued outreaches. Thanks to all of you who funded land purchase for growing/selling produce (cocoa, coffee, vegetables, fruits, etc), and also the motorcycles—what a huge help this has been! The newest endeavours, as God provides, include the building of boarding houses, and the purchase/planting of fast growing/producing coffee trees from Sumatra.

SURUREY… The Indonesian Bible Society recently funded and carried out the reprinting of more Sougb Bibles and additional Biblical literature to be given and purchased as an encouragement for the Sougb churches, including the digital version to be available soon. Sururey, the village and church in Anggi Lakes, the area where the Sougb translation of Scriptures took place, hosted one of the celebrations on September 26th. Again we were privileged to climb into a rental truck traveling 5 hours southwest through the mountains to Sururey, (whick also includes the Lunow homestead built 50+ years ago and still functional), and to celebrate the fruit of God’s Word going forth in understandable ways, because of all who sacrificed and served to make this happen. Together let’s keep our eyes on Jesus and continue His work til He comes.

Jon and Sherri Lunow with PowerSurge Worship Ministries 22 Hemlock Dr Franklin NJ 07416
Our New Address: Jonathan and Sherri Lunow, D/A Jln Wajib Senyam no 7, Perumahan Dokter Sowi Gunung, Manokwari Papua Barat 98315, INDONESIA
Note: Please use “Jonathan” in the address instead of Jon, and the commas only show separation of lines.
We do have internet through our cell phones—can be strong, weak, or even off at times. Best way to reach us: Email (, Facebook Messenger, and the phone application WhatsApp (the latter 2 allowing us to talk by phone). Any Questions? Contact us!

August 2016 #2

Hello again everyone!

Missionary Visas:
• Approved by Indonesian Immigration—answered prayer—God’s timing!
• August 15th we pick up our visa-stamped passports from Consulate in Chicago
• August 25th we fly to Indonesia and care for things in the capital city of Jakarta
• August 30th we fly to Manokwari, West Papua to begin setting up home ☺
• Address in Manokwari to follow once we are there and confirm details…

Grateful Hearts:
• For God’s leading & provision over the past 2 years, making this calling possible!
• For goals set & met regarding our family, support, health, and much needed rest
• For opportunities to share the work in Indonesia with many who have joined us
• For your generous hospitality, faithful prayers, consistent giving, brotherly love ☺
• Ministry updates to follow after we get settled and functional with internet…

• “See you later” is the better term for all of us “In Christ” who will meet again!
• Never easy—family goodbyes, the hardest—eternal perspective helps ☺
• So thankful for all the times we have personally spent with so many of you…

Gratefully Serving Christ and His Body,
Jon & Sherri Lunow

Support payable to: PowerSurge Worship Ministries 22 Hemlock Dr Franklin NJ 07416
Our email: remains the best way to contact us anytime/anywhere
Jon’s cell 817-781-3784 / Sherri’s cell 779-939-7341 *ph#s only until August 25th

August 2016

Lunow Update August 2016


“So let us not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.” Galatians 6:9 (NLT)


LETTING YOU KNOW… Hello everyone, here’s the latest from us Lunows:


LODGING… C.S. Lewis once said, “Our Father refreshes us on the journey with some pleasant inns, but will not encourage us to mistake them for home.” What a helpful and encouraging perspective, sent to us by a praying friend! Here are some of our “inns”:

Ethan & Adam—603 E Gunderson Dr Apt#110, Carol Stream IL 60188

Tyler & Ellie Neethling, with Eva & Levi—720 Helene St., Shorewood IL 60404

Jon & Sherri—living with Tyler & Ellie until visas granted & tickets purchased.

Indonesian address to follow after we get moved to Manokwari.


LIVELIHOOD… The Sougb Missionaries in Papua, Indonesia continue with their outreach ministries and livelihood projects to sustain those ministries. Thank You to all who have given sacrifically to buy the land, purchase motorcycles, and provide for various needs!! Recently God’s wisdom was impressed upon the hearts of Urias & Lois (who also oversee the other missionaries) to expand their livelihood opportunities with the building of a boarding house on their already purchased property in Babo, Bomerai Peninsula, where they are growing things to sell. As boarders would rent, this could be a regular income—more regular than the crops—and a huge help! This also inspired the other Sougb missionaries who are looking to do the same on their properties in Bintuni, Nabire, and Manokwari as the Lord provides. Thanks for your prayers & support!


LEAVING… August 2016 has been in our hearts and minds as the month in which God would make possible the moving and setting-up of our home and ministry base in Manokwari, West Papua, INDONESIA. The granting of our missionary visas in the only thing we are waiting for. The last week of Ramadan (which was the first week of July) our Indonesian director of the NGO we serve under, emailed us that he received word that our visas were on the move, out of one department and into another, and how amazing this was to happen during Ramadan, when usually everything is put on hold. He estimated, Lord willing, we would see our visas granted in August. So we pray and wait, “for just the right time”.. Thank You for your partnership! Any questions? Contact us!


Serving Christ together with you,

Jon & Sherri Lunow


Support payable to: PowerSurge Worship Ministries 22 Hemlock Dr. Franklin NJ 07416

Lunow email: / Jon’s cell 817-781-3784 / Sherri’s 779-939-7341

June 2016


  • For you, our support team—without your partnership, none of this happens!
  • Provision is complete for our move to Indonesia, including set-up costs!
  • Properties are purchased and functioning for the Sougb missionaries in Papua!
  • Processing of our missionary visas continues as we wait on the Lord’s timing.
  • Ethan’s graduation with MA in Early Christian History from Wheaton College.
  • Scholarship granted for Ethan to do a second Masters in Theology at Wheaton!
  • Adam continues his work at Phillips Park Zoo in Aurora IL and loves it!
  • Levi’s birth May 15th, healthy and happy, our second grandbaby, Eva’s brother.
  • Ellie & Tyler progressing with work & ministry in the Shorewood IL area.
  • Provision of temporary housing & vehicle usage while we wait for our visas.



720 Helene St. Shorewood IL 60404 / Sherri’s new Iphone 779-939-7341

(our email: and Jon’s Iphone: 817-781-3784 stay the same)



  • God’s favor in granting our missionary visas for ministry in Papua, Indonesia.
  • God’s perspective & strength to fill our hearts & minds for the tasks ahead!


Jon & Sherri Lunow, PowerSurge Worship Minsitries 22 Hemlock Dr Franklin NJ 07416

Version 2

April 2016

Lunow Update April 2016


• Safety in the many travels by foot, airplane, ship, speedboat, truck, taxi, and motorcycle

• Successful survey of the Bomerai Peninsula in West Papua Indonesia

• Identification of 3 people groups to help place national missionaries into, with one being a remote tree people tribe

• Baptism of 9 new believers in the Aroba outpost (where Urias & Lois Ahoren, Sougb missionaries, are already working)

• Missionary visas now in process for our August departure to Indonesia

• Pick up truck is ordered, the one we will buy on arrival, a huge ministry provision

• Securing of a rental house (below) for our ministry base in Manokwari, West Papua

• For you all, our faithful & generous support team who make all of this possible


• Smooth processing of our visas

• Affordable apartment for Ethan & Adam

• Safe delivery for Ellie & baby in May

• Emotional & spiritual preparation for ministry in West Papua and all it entails

• Vehicle needed for us to rent/borrow during July/August before departure

• Set-up costs ($15,000) to be provided in God’s way & God’s time. A break down of the necessary items for our location

  and needs in Manokwari is available to anyone who desires to participate & help out

• God’s Spirit preparing people’s hearts in West Papua to experience Christ, express Christ, and help expand Christ into new

  areas for God’s glory, including God’s continued wisdom for our participation

Grateful for your partnership in Christ to accomplish God’s work in this world,  Jon & Sherri Lunow

Support gifts payable to: PowerSurge Worship Ministries 22 Hemlock Dr. Franklin NJ 07416 (Lunow in memo)

Lunow Addresses: 1019 Cranberry Cir. Ft. Mill SC 29715 (permanent with Jon’s parents); 107 N President St Wheaton IL 60187

(current ‘til July 1st); 720 Helene St Shorewood IL 60187 (July/August with Ellie/Tyler)

Cell phones: Jon 817-781-3784 / Sherri 817-781-5754 Email: Questions? Contact us!

UriasBomeraiSurvey  UriasArobaBaptism  ManokwariHouse

March 2016

In A Shattered Visage, Ravi Zacharias reminds us, “It is the thrill of relationships that brings all of life into a focused expression. Man can relate to the material world and to the world of knowledge and machines only up to a point. If he does not rise above that, every association in his life is reduced to that level and becomes an object for his own purposes. An inversion of the worst order then takes place. In God’s economy we are meant to love people and use things…If relationships bring meaning to life then the ultimate mockery of life is the reality that all relationships are either ruptured by sin or severed by death. Each of us longs for a relationship that cannot be victimized by sin or destroyed by death. That relationship can only be found with God. Once that relationship is established, it serves as a blueprint for all other relationships, bringing the strength of genuine love, and shunning the cancer of selfishness.” (pp.148-149

Helping people to Experience Christ, Express Christ, and Expand Christ is our passion! This past February we were able to spend 2 weeks in the Philippines (where we served for 15 years) encouraging our brothers & sisters in Christ who are working at being the Body of Christ where they are. We also were greatly encouraged spending time with them! One of our brothers wrote us a note which summed up what we desired to see happen; he said, “It is our pleasure to host the ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ like you. Thanks for your visit, the message regarding the body and family, as well as your gift. We really appreciate your time spent and your encouragement to us. God blesses us both as we continue to fulfill the task he entrusted to us. Thanks for your partnership. Shalom brother Jonathan and sister Sherri”. Thanks to all of you who make this ministry possible through your partnering!

Currently Jon is in Indonesia for 3 weeks (March 15—April 7). In his latest phone call he said that the survey trip is going well with an openess among the people in the Bomerai Peninsula of West Papua; and that there was a baptism of new believers scheduled Easter Sunday in an outreach area where Urias & Lois Ahoren, Sougb missionaries, are already at work! How meaningful for Jon to be there also! We are excited and ready to move to West Papua this coming August, Lord willing, as our visa and housing situation are both looking positive. Jon & Urias would appreciate your continued prayers for God’s wisdom and favor in contacts with people, as well as protection in the journey, and good health (including healing from an allergy).

Our plans to create a Lunow home-base in TX were postponed. A good friend encouraged us, “Not now doesn’t mean never” so we wait on God’s timing. Our kids will remain in the Chicago area. Please pray with us for an affordable apartment in between Wheaton/Aurora IL area for Ethan & Adam that we can move them into this July. Adam continues and loves his work at the zoo in Aurora, and Ethan was accepted for a second masters program with full scholarship at Wheaton College! Ellie, Tyler, and Eva, will be expecting their next family member, a boy, this May, and I’m so thankful to be there and help out! Thanks tons to all of you who pray for our kids also.

Serving Christ together with you, Jon & Sherri Lunow

Support gifts payable to: PowerSurge Worship Ministries 22 Hemlock Dr. Franklin NJ 07416 (Lunow in memo)
Lunow Addresses: 1019 Cranberry Cir. Ft. Mill SC 29715 (permanent with Jon’s parents); 107 N President St Wheaton IL 60187 (current ‘til July 1st); 720 Helene St Shorewood IL 60187 (July/August with Ellie/Tyler)
Cell phones: Jon 817-781-3784 / Sherri 817-781-5754 Email: Questions? Contact us!


November 2015

Lunow Update November 2015

For God is not unjust. He will not forget how hard you have worked for him and how you have shown

your love to him by caring for other believers as you still do. Our deep desire is that you will keep on

loving others as long as life lasts, in order to make certain that what you hope for will come true. Then you

will not be spiritually dull and indifferent. Instead, you will follow the example of those who are going to

inherit God’s promises because of their faith and endurance.” -Hebrews 6:10-12 (NLT)

GOD PROVIDED what we needed to bring Dad (82 years old) to and from and all around within West Papua

Indonesia among the Sougb people with whom he & mom ministered Christ for 40 years. GOD SUSTAINED

us to be able to visit and speak with thousands of Sougb believers, all ages, representing hundreds of churches,

amidst thousands of handshakes, hugs, gifts of hand-woven bags, beads, birds of paradise, and cash gifts

numbering in the thousands as well! “Thank you for bringing Jesus to us!” they said. “We are a changed

people and now we know where we are going!” By the end of this month-long trip, Dad said to us, “Now my

heart is at peace. I have seen with my own eyes that the people are following Jesus even to the 3rd & 4th

generations. God has done great things!” GOD BLESSED the Sougb Missionaries, as well, to finish securing

the land needed for livelihood projects & ministry, along with 4 new motorcycles–thanks to all of you who

gave for these projects!! Money for land purchase is now complete. The people have officially released Dad,

and he, them. It was the most difficult trip ever, including sickness & exhaustion for all three of us, and yet the

most amazing & rewarding! Thanks so much for your partnership in expanding the Body of Christ in Asia!

LOOKING AHEAD… December & January: Rest & family time. Febraury: To the Philippines for mutual

encouragement with the organic home fellowships we are a part of, both in Mindanao & Luzon. Please continue to pray

with us for our Filipino spiritual family, whom we spent 15 years with, as they continue to be the church in their

communities & beyond. March: Travel to Indonesia. Jon will return to West Papua to join Urias, one of the leading

Sougb missionaries, on a survey trip of the Bomerai Peninsula (south of Bintuni Bay) to assess the needs for new

outreaches. April: Begin visa application. Everything looks good for obtaining missionary visas in the new year but it’s

just a matter of timing. May: Leave missionary housing and secure a “Lunow Home Base” of our own in the Dallas

Fort Worth area as the Lord provides. August/September: Move to Manokwari in West Papua, Indonesia and secure a

house & truck & begin ministry. God keeps providing! Thanks for giving & praying in such helpful & faithful ways to

get the job done! The reward is eternal!!

Jon & Sherri Lunow, serving with PowerSurge Worship Ministries 22 Hemlock Dr Franklin NJ 07416

Questions? Contact us anytime! 817-781-3784 (Jon) 817-781-5754 (Sherri)