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September 2015

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.”

-King Solomon, Ecclesiastes 3:1, NIV


TIME in the USA…Lunow 092015 2 (May 2014 – May 2016)

TRAVEL TIME has produced new support and stronger partnerships in God’s work. Thanks to all who have received us and listened to our messages and have provided for our needs and those of the Sougb missionaries (ministry, land, motorcycles, etc)

REST TIME has been happening in between travels, bringing refreshment and renewal for our return to Indonesia, Lord willing, by May 2016

FAMILY TIME has proved to be very meaningful & profitable through on-site interaction with our children during this season of transitions & career choices being worked out. Time with Eva has been especially delightful! NOTE current addresses: Jon, Sherri, Ethan & Adam living at 107 N President St Wheaton IL 60187. Tyler, Ellie, & Eva Neethling remaining at 720 Helene St Shorewood IL 60404

TIME in INDONLunow 092015 1ESIA… (October 15th through November 13th)

SOUGB TIME will involve Jon, Sherri, and Dan Lunow (Jon’s dad) traveling to and from and within Indonesia this October-November to bring support and encouragement to the Sougb churches and missionary outreaches in Papua.

PRAYER TIME is greatly needed regarding God’s protection around our safety & health, as well as clear minds & fluent tongues for the 3 of us in communicating with both the Indonesian & Sougb languages—especially for Dad as he preaches & teaches in Sougb, and for closure in his heart as he says his goodbyes with those he has loved & worked with in Christ for more than 35 years.


In a collection of essays called Weight of Glory, C.S. Lewis quotes Thomas More… “Many will be rejected at the last day, not because they have taken time and pains about their salvation, but because they have not taken time and pains enough…If you have not chosen the Kingdom of God, it will make, in the end, no difference, what you have chosen instead.”



Support payable to: PowerSurge Worship Ministries / 22 Hemlock Dr. Franklin NJ 07416

Questions? Email us anytime and we’ll get back to you:

Jon’s cell phone: 817-781-5754 / Sherri’s cell phone: 817-781-3784


June 2015

“Christ is the visible image of the invisible God. He existed before anything was created and is supreme over all creation… Everything was created through him and for him…. Christ is also the head of the church which is his body…. He is first in everything…. And through Him, God reconciled everything to Himself…. So we tell others about Christ, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all the wisdom God has given us…”

                                                            -Colossians 1:15,16,18,20,28 (NLT)


PARTICIPATION: Helping people to…

EXPERIENCE CHRIST in their own lives

EXPRESS CHRIST with one-another

EXPAND CHRIST to the world

*Thanks for your prayers, encouragements, and gifts which make this happen!!



–Traveling to and speaking in homes and churches about the work in Indonesia–

*March & April travels in NE, TX, AL, GA, FL, SC, VA, MD, IN, produced new

supporting partners & encouragement for our return to Papua Indonesia in 2016.

*May travels in Papua Indonesia also proved fruitful with another livelihood

project property being purchased to provide for 3 Sougb missionaries in Bintuni,

along with support & encouragements given to all the Sougb missionaries. Jon

also gained info regarding visas & housing for our move to Manokwari in 2016.

Answers & details to follow before the end of this year, when we know more.

*June 14-22 will find us in SC, NJ, and PA; August 5-10 in MN; Sept. 12-13, IN.

–Moving from Shorewood IL to Wheaton IL for the remainder of our furlough time USA

*New Address: 107 N. President St. Wheaton IL 60187 starting July 15, 2015

–Bringing Dan Lunow (Jon’s dad) back to Indonesia for a one-month trip in October—

*The 3 of us will travel together (Jon, Sherri, & Dan) there and back again

*Jon’s Dad’s airfare is completely covered by a love offering from a TX church

*60 Years of the Gospel being brought to the Sougb people will be celebrated!

–Assisting our family through transitions—

*Ellie, Tyler, & Eva hope to move into their own home (Joliet IL area) by Aug 1st

*Ethan will participate in an archeological dig, Ashkelon Israel, June 4th-July 18th

*Adam is now hired as full-time grounds keeper at Phillips Park Zoo in Aurora IL



“After visiting with some Sougb people selling their vegetables at the marketplace in Manokwari this past May, Yusup, the other Sougb missionary I was with, seemed very saddened by the fact that those Sougb people had forgotten who I was. He turned to me and said, ‘Don’t worry Jonny, many people don’t remember who Jesus is either!’”


Jon & Sherri Lunow   (Jon’s cell#817-781-3784; Sherri’s cell#817-781-5754) Support:

PowerSurge Worship Ministries 22 Hemlock Dr. Franklin NJ 07416 (201)230-9755

January 2015

Lunow Update January 2015


–GOD’S CALLING for us to move to Manokwari in Papua, INDONESIA, in order to…

1. Continue helping the Sougb missionaries bring God’s Word into unreached areas of Papua (Papua, Indonesia NOT Papua New Guinea).

**Jon will return to Papua for 2 weeks in May to bring support & funds for the ministries & livelihood projects (including land purchase).

2. Build relationships in Jesus’ name with the local Muslim transmigrants.

**Please pray with us for “Cornelius families” (see Acts 10)

3. Lay foundations for organic ministry in the Body of Christ in INDONESIA.

**This includes periodic travels to the Philippines to encourage the brethren in existing organic ministries there.

–GOD IS PROVIDING for us to accomplish necessary goals while in the USA…

1. Continued travels to visit supporters—both old & new, families & churches, to renew relationships, give updates, and present the mission work in new areas.

**THANKS to many of you who have encouraged us already in our visits!

Upcoming travels are in March-April, South USA; July-Aug, North USA

2. Building our current monthly support to a higher level in order to make this next move possible, plus raise some one-time additional funds for set-up costs.

**We are EXTENDING our time in the USA in order to make this happen.

THANKS to ALL who are helping, giving, and praying!

3. Get some much needed rest and medical attention before returning overseas.

**Nothing major, just caring for things that accompany stress & aging.

4. Helping our kids with major transitions during this season of their lives

**Just moved Ethan to an apartment room near Wheaton College — answered prayer. Adam is looking for full-time work at a zoo. Ellie & Tyler are settling in their work/ministry here in this greater Chicago area.  They are looking to buy a house, which could also be a home base for us. Please pray with us regarding these matters.


–GOD’S TIMING of when we can move to Manokwari, which is directly affected by a couple of things. First, securing more monthly SUPPORT

**Praise God that 20% of the needed amount has come in—thank-you—please pray with us for the rest!

And secondly, the securing of VISAS & HOUSING in Manokwari, INDONESIA.

**Recently the change in government has affected missionary visas. The news came, we prayed, then received follow up from the Indonesian Christian group we work with that God’s favor prevailed over these visas.

Serving CHRIST together with you, Jon & Sherri Lunow

Support to: PowerSurge Worship Ministries, 22 Hemlock Drive, Franklin NJ 07416

Our address: 720 Helene St. Shorewood IL 60404 (312) 602-2523

**QUESTIONS? Please contact us! Email is best. Snail mail & phone calls & texting are fine as well.

Jon’s cell# 817-781-3784 / Sherri’s cell# 817-781-5754

December 2014

2014 family photo   “For Christ himself has brought peace to us. He united Jews and Gentiles into one people when, in his own body on the cross, he broke down the wall of hostility that separated us. He did this by ending the system of law with its commandments and regulations. He made peace between Jews and Gentiles by creating in himself one new people from the two groups. Together as one body, Christ reconciled both groups to God by means of his death on the cross, and our hostility toward each other was put to death. He brought this Good News of peace to you Gentiles who were far away from him, and peace to the Jews who were near. Now all of us can come to the Father through the same Holy Spirit because of what Christ has done for us.” Ephesians 2:14-18

We Lunows & Neethlings give thanks to God this December 2014, for the peace & unity we share in Christ, as we come to the Father, through the same Holy Spirit, together as one body, one family; and we bring this Good News to others who are far away from Him and even to those who are near. He is our peace! The Lord has provided for us to share housing during this furlough year here in Shorewood IL and we are enjoying every minute of our family time together!! Answers to many prayers include Tyler being hired for part-time ministry as Family Ministries Director at Stone Hill Bible Church here in Joliet IL, along with another full-time job at a machine shop. Ellie will also be helping with the church duties including the music ministry, along with enjoying being a stay-at-home mom. Eva is 9 months old this December 3rd and is a very healthy, happy, observant, and active baby. They are praying about their own housing & family vehicle needed in the New Year. Ethan is completing a semester of his Early Christian History masters program at Wheaton College and has a few options before him to move near campus this coming January (eliminating the 1 hour commute each way). Adam is enjoying his work in food service at the nearby retirement village, but also looking at options to complete his college studies in the area of animal care. Jon & Sherri are seeing new support coming in for the work in Indonesia, plus getting some much needed rest. We will begin travels again in 2015. Please contact us for scheduling. Address: 720 Helene St. Shorewood IL 60404 (312)602-2523 email: and for support/gifts make checks out to PowerSurge Worship Ministries 22 Hemlock Dr. Franklin NJ 07416 (201)230-9755 *this is a new phone number for PWM, so delete the old* email:
May you all experience rest as we pursue the peace, unity, and love that God intended for us to live by!

Jon & Sherri Lunow, serving in Indonesia & Philippines, currently in the USA

October 2014

Lunow Update October 2014

“…when we take your gifts to those who need them, they will thank God. So two good things will result from this ministry of giving—the needs of God’s holy people will be met, and they will joyfully express their thanks to God. As a result of your ministry, they will give glory to God. For your generosity to them and to all believers will prove that you are obedient to the Good News of Christ.” 2 Corinthians 9:11b-13 (NLT)

Your GIFTS have MET these NEEDS, bringing THANKS to GOD:


Sending Jon back to Papua for 3 weeks to bring financial support and spiritual encouragement to the Sougb missionaries and their ministries in Babo, Bintini, Inyes, and Nabire. God’s favor surrounded everything, from health & safety, to good weather & wisdom in decision-making, as well as an opportunity in Manokwari to share with 45 interested Indonesians about organic churching. Your support makes this possible and we cannot move ahead without you all! Thanks for praying & giving!




Purchase of 2 more properties for Sougb missionary livelihood projects (Yusup & Yonas in Nabire planting peanuts, chili’s, fruit trees; Elias & Serina in Inyes managing & planting cocoa trees—photos above). Provision was also given to purchase 3 sewing machines for the missionary wives to use in their ministries in the Kebar and Inyes. Thanks for giving to these specific needs!

Your PRAYERS & GIFTS are still NEEDED:



For completion of paperwork and final provision on 2 more properties: In Bintuni with Erkus, Elpis, Yohan, Bernard growing fruit trees and vegetables, and in Babo with Urias & Lois, along with Elimas (photos above). Urias & Elimas were not able to develop the pig-farm/fish-pond ideas, but are looking at possibly dealing in palm oil, and also growing fruits & vegetables. Please pray for God’s wisdom in these things.



For Urias & Lois (photos above) as they travel Bintuni Bay to a costal Muslim village where they have been invited to share Christ. After hearing about Urias’ God-given ability to bring healing, a Muslim family went to Urias for help. The wife had broken her leg and it would not heal. The local medicine man was not able to make a difference. Upon visiting Urias, he administered medicine & treatment, with prayer & God’s Word, and within a few days she was completely healed. Please pray for God’s continued favor and provision around Urias & Lois and their outreach ministries.

For Jon & Sherri, more monthly support needed in order to move to Manokwari after our furlough. Please pray with us in this regard. We are ready & willing to do whatever it takes for God’s provision.

Jon & Sherri Lunow, serving with PowerSurge Worship Ministries, 22 Hemlock Dr. Franklin NJ 07416

June 2014

Lunow Update June 2014 – Map of Papua, Indonesia (also known as Irian Jaya; NOT Papua New Guinea) — Map can be viewed below..

Greetings everyone! Thanks for your prayers while we traveled over the past number of months! We hope the above map will better clarify where we have been traveling in Papua, Indonesia, in order to help the Papuan national missionaries with their church planting/outreach efforts taking the Good News of Christ Jesus into other parts of Papua. These are the Sougb missionaries (from the Sougb people group with whom Jon’s parents lived & worked among for about 35 years in Bible translation, church leadership training, medical assistance, etc.) And to better sustain their ministries, they are in the process of purchasing land and using it for income through livelihood projects as noted above. THANK YOU to all who have given gifts to help with these projects as God leads you! Jon will return to Papua mid-September, for about a month, to continue helping the various missionaries in the various stages of their projects. The land for Sem (northern part) is already purchased and being cleared/worked for the cocoa tree plantation. The others are still in process with paperwork–with plans still being developed. THANKS for your PRAYERS on their behalf!


We are now in the USA for a 1 year furlough, living at 720 Helene St. Shorewood IL 60404 (312) 602-2523. You may also reach us by email or cell phones with texts/calls: Jon 817-781-3784 Sherri 817-781-5754. Our travel itinerary is being worked on. Please feel free to contact us with your scheduling requests. We’d love to share with you in person what is happening in Indonesia! Looking forward to seeing many of you soon!!


Jon & Sherri Lunow, serving with PowerSurge Worship Ministries, 22 Hemlock Dr. Franklin NJ 07416


March 2014

Lunow Update March 2014

FAMILY: GOD’S created and natural way for people to RELATE wth HIM and each other, to REFLECT HIM to each other, and to REPRODUCE more people with HIS ETERNAL PURPOSES being worked out in this world (Genesis 1-2; Revelation 21-22).

GRANDPARENTS: Physically, we have officially moved into this stage of family life! Eva Nicole Neethling was born to Ellie & Tyler, March 3rd, weighing 6 lbs. 5 oz., 19 in. long, and in good health—both baby and mother. We give thanks to GOD for HIS GIFT of LIFE. The 3 of them are currently living at: 3045 S. Harlem Apt 2w, Berwyn IL 60402 USA. But they will be moving to a different location by April 30th. Thanks for your many prayers on their behalf! Spiritually, we are also in a new stage of family grandparenting. The disciples or spiritual children with whom we participated in birthing & nurturing into God’s Family, continue to have children & grandchildren of their own there in the Philippines where we lived & worked for 16 years. There are now extended spiritual families ‘being the Body of Christ, the Family of God’, in natural New Testament ways among 6 provinces (3 in the southern island of Mindanao, and 3 in the northern island of Luzon). This past February while in the Philippines, we were able to visit, coach, and encourage those within 3 of these places (NOTE: Photos can be viewed on Facebook in the album “Philippine Family & Friends”); with plans to visit the other 3 locations the next time we are there. Lord willing, we would like to be on site in the Philippines at least once a year, depending on God’s provision. Please pray in extra measure (God’s wisdom, protection, & provision) for 2 Filipino families, the Quinones family in Mindanao, and the Bariuan family in Luzon, who are functioning as national missionaries in ‘organic ministry’. Again, thanks so much, dear support team, for your many prayers & generous gifts!

HOME: Like Abraham, we also by faith, look forward to our eternal home, “a city with eternal foundations, a city designed & built by God” (Hebrews 11:10). Meanwhile, our temporary homes have been in the USA, Philippines, & Indonesia, where God has called us to be. This May/June we’ll be leaving Bandung, and moving into a mission home in Shorewood IL for about a year. However, before we leave Indonesia, there are still 2 more trips planned to Papua where we will continue to help the national missionaries with their livelihood projects & ministries, along with coaching of organic ministry with a few interested families in 2 different locations. Updates to follow in time…

Serving Christ together with you,
Jon & Sherri Lunow

Mailing address: Jl Gunung Mas G no 41 Ciumbuleuit, Bandung 40142 INDONESIA
Vonage ph#312-602-2523(approx 12 hrs ahead of you). Email:
Support payable to: PowerSurge Worship Ministries
Support address: PowerSurge Worship Ministries 22 Hemlock Dr. Franklin NJ 07416
Support phone# & email: (973) 827-4904 /

January 2014

Greetings everyone! This month marks 20 YEARS for us, living & working in Asia (Philippines & Indonesia) because of God’s calling on our lives combined with your partnership. Why? To help others experience, express, and expand the Lord Jesus Christ (His Spirit, His Body, His Word) into willing hearts, homes, and communities.  (Matthew 28:18-20, John 13-17 & Acts 1-2). Thanks to all of you who have made these 20 years of ministry possible!

Papua Update:  Part of our ministry here in Indonesia is to travel a couple of times each year to Papua (Eastern Indonesia) from our base in Bandung (Western Indonesia) to bring support, encouragement, and counsel, both physical & spiritual, to our Papuan brothers & sisters in Christ (especially the Sougb people group with whom Jon’s parent’s worked for about 35 years, and who now carry on training & outreach ministries themselves). During this past December while there, much was accomplished. We traveled into the Kebar area of the Bird’s Head to the village of Pubuan with Sem & family (Sougb missionaries to the Mpur & Meyah people). This area is one of the locations for a livelihood project, cocoa trees, to generate future income toward ministry there. We spent a week in the coastal city of Manokwari, meeting with various people, both Sougb missionaries, as well as other American missionaries doing translation & community development. Good connections, discussing both past & future partnerships in God’s work. Then back into the mountains again, to the Lunow homestead at Anggi Lakes (there are 2 of them) which are surrounded by many Sougb villages. The road going in and out (we travel by truck) is treacherous in a couple of areas where landslides continue to destroy it, so an extra thanks goes out to those of you who pray regularly for our safety–we need it & God gave it! Because it was Christmas time there were many special gatherings taking place in various villages, of which we were included, and it was a joy for Jon to be able to communicate well & teach  God’s Word clearly in Bahasa Indonesia (Sougb brothers translated for him as needed). Again, thanks to all of you who are praying for our language learning process. Another joy was to take Dad Lunow’s voice, in Sougb, through our Ipad/Ipod devices, and play it audibly, many times over, for the Sougb people to hear Jon’s parent’s Christmas greetings & words of encouragement “in their own voice”. Technology is amazing! To view photos of our travels with more details, you can connect with us on FaceBook under the name “Jonathan Lunow” and click the photo album “Christmas in Papua”.

Furlough & Family Update: First week of June we’ll be moving into the furlough home provided for us in Shorewood IL. Our travel schedules & supporter visits not yet firmed up. Ellie & baby are doing well with her delivery date set for March 10th. Ellie & Tyler, Ethan & Adam each continue on with their jobs in respecitve areas, researching options for future education, jobs, & ministry opportunities as the Lord leads. We look forward to being together again this June including holding our first granddaughter for the first time! Thanks for your prayers on behalf of our family!

Jon & Sherri Lunow


Mailing address: Jl Gunung Mas G no 41 Ciumbuleuit, Bandung 40142 INDONESIA

Vonage ph#312-602-2523(approx 12 hrs ahead of you). Email:

Support payable to: PowerSurge Worship Ministries

Support address: PowerSurge Worship Ministries 22 Hemlock Dr. Franklin NJ 07416

Support phone# & email: (973) 827-4904 /

November 2013

Hello everyone,

Just a quick note this time to give THANKS, INFORMATION, & REMINDER…

THANKS: To God and to you! Your prayers matter, and God continues to answer–with new contacts/opportunities in coaching organic churching; with new provisions for starting the livelihood projects in Papua with the Sougb missionaries; with new encouragement and wisdom to do the things that God has called us to do here in Asia!

INFORMATION: Regarding PowerSurge Worship Ministries (our partners in ministry who serve us Stateside and whom we also call PWM), the bank has requested that ALL SUPPORT CHECKS be made payable to “PowerSurge Worship Ministries” exactly in that way with no other words included and no abbreviations. You can jot a note in the “memo” section at the bottom of your check using Lunow or Jon & Sherri or National Workers, but NOT in the “payable” section. Thanks for your cooperation in this important matter!

REMINDER: We will be traveling in Papua NOVEMBER 30TH — JANUARY 5TH which means we’ll NOT BE ABLE TO COMMUNICATE WITH YOU during this time period. Thanks in advance for all your Christmas greetings & other bits of news you send our way, and we’ll look forward to catching up with you in January. We do appreciate your prayers for us during these 5 weeks of travel—thanks in advance!

Serving Christ together with you,

Jon & Sherri Lunow

Mailing address: Jl Gunung Mas G no 41 Ciumbuleuit, Bandung 40142 INDONESIA

Vonage ph#312-602-2523(approx 12 hrs ahead of you). Email:

Support payable to: PowerSurge Worship Ministries

Support address: PowerSurge Worship Ministries 22 Hemlock Dr. Franklin NJ 07416

Support phone# & email: (973) 827-4904 /

October 2013

“Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere.” -Ephesians 6:18 (NLT)

THANKS, everyone, for your prayers on our behalf & on behalf of many here in Asia. PLEASE don’t stop. Here are some specifics:

INVITATIONS & VISITS…for God’s leading in relationships as Jon has been invited to make 2 quick trips this month. One to Papua to celebrate a special anniversary of Erickson-Tritt Theological School, and to discuss organic churching with one of their leaders who is interested. The other to Bali with our missionary friend & mentor who has counseled church planting teams there and wants to connect us with some of them to see what God might unfold.

TRAVELS IN PAPUA DECEMBER 2 THROUGH JANUARY 5…for God’s purposes to be worked out as we provide encouragement & support for the Sougb missionaries & their work in several areas around the “bird’s head & neck” part of Northwestern Papua.

LIVELIHOOD PROJECTS…for God’s provision of both His insights on what is best & His resources to carry out plans for the Sougb missionaries to obtain & develop livelihood projects with the land/crops/animals around them, in order to sustain their mission work.

NEW OUTREACH INTERIOR…for God’s protection and favor to surround one of the Sougb missionaries and the people he is now working with. He has traveled to the end of the Wapoga River in order to bring Christ & His Word to a completely unreached people group (as in naked tribal people not yet exposed to the outside world). He plans to be there til the end of this year.

ORGANIC FELLOWSHIPS IN THE PHILIPPINES…for God’s continued wisdom, perseverence. and provision to surround those Filipino families who are being the Body of Christ & making disciple-makers. Pray that Christ will continue to be experienced & expressed in these local fellowships as they serve one another in love, and also expanded to new families who are showing interest in God’s Ways & God’s Word. We plan to visit them February 2014.

FAMILY MATTERS…for God’s clear direction & provision on behalf of our kids. Ellie & Tyler live in Berwyn IL, looking forward to the birth of their first baby in March, and both working part-time jobs including leadership of the youth group at Cornerstone Church. This commitment will end in May, so they are praying about what next. Ethan & Adam live in Jackson MI, are both working part-time jobs, and looking forward to furthering their goals–for Ethan, higher education in the field of history; for Adam, working with animals. Ethan starts applications this fall for grad school. Adam did not remain in the Vet Tech program, however, he learned much at Baker College which will help him with handling animals in the future. We give thanks to God and to the Russell family for a furlough house being provided for us by June 2nd in Joliet IL. Furlough info to follow…

Thanks for praying! -Jon & Sherri Lunow

Mailing address: Jl Gunung Mas G no 41 Ciumbuleuit, Bandung 40142 INDONESIA

Vonage ph#312-602-2523(approx 12 hrs ahead of you). Email:

Support: PWM 22 Hemlock Dr. Franklin NJ 07416 (Memo’d ‘Lunow’ for us, Memo’d ‘National Workers Fund’ for the Papuan missionaries). PWM ph# 973-827-4904

PWM email: