Lunow Update March 2011


1)    Support Team – Because you send us, we are able to bring the Good News about the Lord Jesus Christ to Southeast Asia in meaningful, relational ways. We remain passionate about making disciple-makers of Jesus so people can hear, believe, obey, and make more disciples in community. Your gifts and prayers are making this possible. Thank you!

2)    Airline Tickets – Purchased! June 27th, Dallas/Ft.Worth, USA to Manila, Philippines; June 30th, Manila to Davao City; July 13th, Davao City to Jakarta, Indonesia; then on to the city of Bandung, a two hour drive from Jakarta, where we’ll live and study Indonesian for the first year.

3)    Indonesian Visas – Available and in progress! We thank God for the wise advice and helpful assistance of others, with more experience, guiding us.

4)    Profitable Furlough – (June 2010 to June 2011) – This year has been full of good opportunities, to speak in new churches, to visit supporters and friends, to safely travel the USA and enjoy God’s creation, to rest, to prepare for our next ministry, and to spend quality time with family in the lovely home provided for us in Michigan (thanks to the Henrys!). June 20th we’ll leave Michigan and drive to Texas to return the vehicle we borrowed (thanks to the Cosmes!).


1)    Housing in Bandung, Indonesia – Houses are rented by the year, so we’ll need approximately $3500.00 cash in hand to secure a rental. We’ll begin looking for housing upon arrival in Bandung. Not yet sure about set up costs but will work it out on site. We do appreciate your prayers in this area!

2)    Indonesian Language School – We will both attend and study full time. Approximately $4000.00 is needed for the complete course, but can be paid monthly. Sherri is requesting prayer for a “loosened tongue” in pronounciation.

3)    People God Wants – Life is all about relationships, with God and with people. Please pray for the people God wants us to connect with for discipleship along with coaching in organic church ministry. Since Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world, we are expecting to be immersed in this culture as representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the ONLY ONE who can make men right with God, regardless of religion (see Romans 10:1-17)

4)    Our Family – Ellie, Ethan, and Adam will remain in the USA to complete their college studies. Where will our kids live? This is still being worked out, and we are confident of God’s provision, even though we can’t see the details yet. Ellie graduates from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL on May 14th with a Christian Education Pre-Counseling Degree. She also has a significant other, Tyler Neethling, from Urbana IL, also a student at MBI in the Youth Ministries major, with 2 years left to complete. We are pleased with their God-centered relationship and praying for clarity and wisdom in decisions regarding their future together. Ellie is also working part time at a bank and finishing an internship at Youth Haven Ranch in Michigan. Ethan will graduate from John Brown University in Siloam Springs, AR in May 2012 with a History Major and Business Minor. He’s working hard toward obtaining a fellowship for attending graduate school (University of Chicago is one of his choices) to continue his studies. We are praying for God’s provision and favor in this. There’s a possible summer job for him at Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in downtown Kansas City, MO. However, housing would be needed for a few months. If any of you have ideas or suggestions, please contact us (see contact info below). Adam plans to continue his Veterinary Technician studies at Baker College of Jackson, MI with a view of graduating around the end of 2013. We are praying with Adam for clarity of mind and strength of character to do his best in the requirements of this competitive program, as well as the provision of a summer job (we just received a good lead on a possible job as kennel assistant at an animal hospital in Jackson). Both Ethan and Adam do have part-time jobs on campus during their school years. Thanks for your many prayers on behalf of our kids!

With Eternal Gratefulness to the Lord Jesus Christ and to His Body the Church,

Jon & Sherri Lunow


SUPPORT GIFTS: Make checks payable to PowerSurge Worship Ministries (designated Lunow), mailed to 22 Hemlock Dr. Franklin NJ 07416. Phone#: 973-827-4904. Email: **Direct deposit/withdrawal options are now being properly worked out. If you are interested in this method, please contact our director, Greg Gaffney, or contact us. Website: (recently updated).

CURRENT MAILING ADDRESS: 6928 Grand River Rd. Rives Junction MI 49277


Jon & Sherri’s email: / Jon  803-389-9288,  Sherri 803-389-9392

Ellie’s email: / ph#312-480-8473

Ethan’s email: / ph#312-623-7119

Adam’s email: /ph#312-623-9250