FROM JON…Here are a few of my thoughts as we enter a new chapter in our lives:

  • Feeling of being ‘home’. Perhaps the ‘home’ feeling has a spiritual source–the knowledge of being where the Father wants you to be.
  • Sense of complete dependency on the Father.
  • Emotions are excited to be here, but fully aware of the challenges ahead.
  • The first weeks ‘jitters’ are subsiding and we are settling in.
  • We miss our kids terribly, but are assured that they are in God’s care and keeping.
  • Been ‘empty-nesters’ for a whole month now–weird.
  • Conviction that God has ‘prepared’ us for this journey, but not quite sure just how it will unfold for us.

FROM SHERRI…Here are some excerpts from my journaling during our travels:

  • June 22nd while in Texas:  “Ellie and Tyler just called us to announce their official engagement to be married next summer (June 2) J …with our full blessing!” Note:  We do plan to be there and are already praying for the provisions needed.
  • July 18th writing from the mission guesthouse upon arrival in Bandung, Indonesia:  “Wow, I am overwhelmed with gratitude as we have continued to experience Hebrews 4:16! We, and many others from our support team both in the USA and Philippines have come before God’s throne with our current needs regarding travel and transition to Indonesia, and we see and feel the Lord’s grace and favor in so many ways—wonderful visits with dear friends in IL, MO, TX, and the Philippines, safety in travel for us and our belongings, restful homes & guesthouses to stay in, helpful drivers to bring us places, excellent services from Expat Helps regarding visas, language school, travel accommodations, housing options, etc. Thank you Lord!”
  • July 22nd—More answers to prayer:  “Signed contract on a rental house today (will move in July 25)…house is well-ventilated, semi-furnished, in a quiet subdivision, with internet connection capabilities, walking distance from IMLAC (language school), has carport for future vehicle, and guestroom for visitors…will interview a helper tomorrow that comes highly recommended from missionary friends…Jon’s ability to speak simple Bahasa has been a huge blessing!”
  • August 1st—from our home: “Internet lines installed, but still waiting for connection…will begin language study August 10th…new helper is amazing!”

With grateful hearts,


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