(Written from the plane after leaving Newark, as Leanna headed to Berlin this past Monday where she will be filling the short term role as interim director of the Connections Christian Resource Center.   Connections is a library, cafe and arts center that is designed to encourage and enable Christians, inquirers and observers to access information relating to Christianity and the Bible, investigate the validity of the Christian faith, gain greater understanding of biblical truth, and grow in their spiritual journey.  This center appropriately serves as a connecting point for area ministries as well as a place inquirers can come seeking to connect with God.  Leanna will be serving for 4 months until the new permanent directors arrive in December.)

Right now I can see the dipper bright and sharp, poised in the atmosphere off the port bow, ready to pour out God’s blessing. Never have I felt so uplifted in prayer as I do right now! It is a little hard to describe the feeling besides a sense of rich gratitude and fearless well-being. Thank you all who are praying for me (it is 8:30pm sept 5th) Our God answers prayers above and beyond hopes! I know whatever challenges and souls God lays before me, He will provide for! Savior! He can moves mountains! My God is mighty to save. MIGHTY TO SAVE! Forever author of salvation, He rose and conquered the grave, JESUS conquered my grave. I am dauntless because of Him!