Merry Christmas & Happy New Year dear family & friends!

Greetings everyone! Last year our Christmas photo was taken with the 5 of us Lunows on a mountain in Papua, Indonesia. This year’s photo is also taken on a mountain in Indonesia (sulfur lake in the background inside a volcano crater), only minus our 3 kids, plus far to the East in Java where we now live. Language study is going well here in Bandung, and by the time you receive this letter we should be well into Unit 4. Even better than the language study are the many relationships God is allowing us to develop for HIS PURPOSES: “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased.” Luke 2:14 (NLT). We are here to show and teach those who are willing, how they can become pleasing to God, and help others to do the same. God is Creator and Judge of all. We exist for Him and others, not for ourselves. do the activities of our lives reflect this truth?

Thanks to all of you on our support team who make it possible for us to be here. Many details are in process regarding specifics of our ministry, but God continues to unfold them as we obey Him. Spiritual warfare is intense around us and we do struggle with various minor health issues, but we press on. Your prayers mean more to us than ever! The kids are doing well in the USA. Thanks to all who care for them–it means so much to us! More news to follow on ministry, family, and our travel plans in the New Year. Meanwhile, please pray with us for the people we are building relationships with (God knows their names).

With grateful hearts,  Jon & Sherri Lunow