Partnership in Indonesia

After much prayer and research, we are now in the process of making arrangements to be sponsored by a group called YMP3 (Evangelism & Discipleship Ministries of Papua), a local non-for-profit Christian organization. We fully remain partnered with PowerSurge Worship Ministries in the USA, but needed an agency within Indonesia recognized by the government from which to obtain a missionary visa. Thank you, to all who have been praying with us in regards to our visas & identity! Here’s a bit of information from their website:

YMP3: “Evangelism and Discipleship Ministries of Papua”

YMP3 was founded in 2002 with a vision to teach, train, and encourage national Christians for ministry. It is the desire of YMP3 to follow what Jesus Christ commanded in Matt 28, “to make disciples”, which means seeing people become Christians as well as teaching and training them that they may in turn teach others also. (2 Tim 2:2)

It is our motto, “Training Indonesians to reach Indonesians”, for decades Western missionaries have been responsible for the majority of new works. Western missionaries cannot possibly reach Indonesia or the world on their own. It is going to take the help of national indigenous Christians who have been prepared for ministry by teaching and training them how to advance the Gospel and plant churches amongst their own native unreached people groups within their given country or nation.

In 2002, God did the miraculous! He opened up the door of Indonesia to us when YMP3 was able to achieve a non-profit status both in Papua, Indonesia (Irian Jaya) and in the capital city of Jakarta; YMP3 is officially recognized by the government as being a viable national Christian organization.YMP3 is one of only five non-profit Christian organizations that is headquartered in Papua, Indonesia and officially recognized by both the regional and national Department of Religion.

Schedule of Travels

1)    February 10-29: PAPUA with Jon’s dad and brother Dave. No internet available.

2)    March 1-28: JAVA with Dave & our friend Allen. Back on line again in Bandung.

3)    March 29—April 2: USA (TX. AR. IL). Can be reached through email and also our TracFone cell #s: Jon 803-389-9288 / Sherri 803-389-9392.

4)    April 3—June 29: USA, based out of 6928 Grand River Rd. Rives Jct. MI 49277. Please continue using our TracFone cell#s; Our vonage phone does not work here. During this time we’ll celebrate Ethan’s graduation from John Brown University in Siloam Springs AR on May 5th and we’ll celebrate Ellie & Tyler’s wedding in Kalamazoo MI June 2nd. Please note: This address in Rives Jct MI will end June 29th.

5)    June 30—July 17:  USA, traveling in both MI and TX, using cell phones & email.

6)    July 18: INDONESIA, basing out of Bandung with Vonage phone working (see below), resuming language study and ministry with missionary visa under YMP3.

Jon & Sherri Lunow (Vonage Ph#312-602-2523, *12 hours ahead of Eastern Time*)

ADDRESS: Jl Gunung Mas G no 41 Ciumbuleuit Bandung 40142 INDONESIA

SUPPORT: PWM 22 Hemlock Dr. Franklin NJ 07416 USA