“Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere.” -Ephesians 6:18 (NLT)

THANKS, everyone, for your prayers on our behalf & on behalf of many here in Asia. PLEASE don’t stop. Here are some specifics:

INVITATIONS & VISITS…for God’s leading in relationships as Jon has been invited to make 2 quick trips this month. One to Papua to celebrate a special anniversary of Erickson-Tritt Theological School, and to discuss organic churching with one of their leaders who is interested. The other to Bali with our missionary friend & mentor who has counseled church planting teams there and wants to connect us with some of them to see what God might unfold.

TRAVELS IN PAPUA DECEMBER 2 THROUGH JANUARY 5…for God’s purposes to be worked out as we provide encouragement & support for the Sougb missionaries & their work in several areas around the “bird’s head & neck” part of Northwestern Papua.

LIVELIHOOD PROJECTS…for God’s provision of both His insights on what is best & His resources to carry out plans for the Sougb missionaries to obtain & develop livelihood projects with the land/crops/animals around them, in order to sustain their mission work.

NEW OUTREACH INTERIOR…for God’s protection and favor to surround one of the Sougb missionaries and the people he is now working with. He has traveled to the end of the Wapoga River in order to bring Christ & His Word to a completely unreached people group (as in naked tribal people not yet exposed to the outside world). He plans to be there til the end of this year.

ORGANIC FELLOWSHIPS IN THE PHILIPPINES…for God’s continued wisdom, perseverence. and provision to surround those Filipino families who are being the Body of Christ & making disciple-makers. Pray that Christ will continue to be experienced & expressed in these local fellowships as they serve one another in love, and also expanded to new families who are showing interest in God’s Ways & God’s Word. We plan to visit them February 2014.

FAMILY MATTERS…for God’s clear direction & provision on behalf of our kids. Ellie & Tyler live in Berwyn IL, looking forward to the birth of their first baby in March, and both working part-time jobs including leadership of the youth group at Cornerstone Church. This commitment will end in May, so they are praying about what next. Ethan & Adam live in Jackson MI, are both working part-time jobs, and looking forward to furthering their goals–for Ethan, higher education in the field of history; for Adam, working with animals. Ethan starts applications this fall for grad school. Adam did not remain in the Vet Tech program, however, he learned much at Baker College which will help him with handling animals in the future. We give thanks to God and to the Russell family for a furlough house being provided for us by June 2nd in Joliet IL. Furlough info to follow…

Thanks for praying! -Jon & Sherri Lunow

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