Greetings everyone! This month marks 20 YEARS for us, living & working in Asia (Philippines & Indonesia) because of God’s calling on our lives combined with your partnership. Why? To help others experience, express, and expand the Lord Jesus Christ (His Spirit, His Body, His Word) into willing hearts, homes, and communities.  (Matthew 28:18-20, John 13-17 & Acts 1-2). Thanks to all of you who have made these 20 years of ministry possible!

Papua Update:  Part of our ministry here in Indonesia is to travel a couple of times each year to Papua (Eastern Indonesia) from our base in Bandung (Western Indonesia) to bring support, encouragement, and counsel, both physical & spiritual, to our Papuan brothers & sisters in Christ (especially the Sougb people group with whom Jon’s parent’s worked for about 35 years, and who now carry on training & outreach ministries themselves). During this past December while there, much was accomplished. We traveled into the Kebar area of the Bird’s Head to the village of Pubuan with Sem & family (Sougb missionaries to the Mpur & Meyah people). This area is one of the locations for a livelihood project, cocoa trees, to generate future income toward ministry there. We spent a week in the coastal city of Manokwari, meeting with various people, both Sougb missionaries, as well as other American missionaries doing translation & community development. Good connections, discussing both past & future partnerships in God’s work. Then back into the mountains again, to the Lunow homestead at Anggi Lakes (there are 2 of them) which are surrounded by many Sougb villages. The road going in and out (we travel by truck) is treacherous in a couple of areas where landslides continue to destroy it, so an extra thanks goes out to those of you who pray regularly for our safety–we need it & God gave it! Because it was Christmas time there were many special gatherings taking place in various villages, of which we were included, and it was a joy for Jon to be able to communicate well & teach  God’s Word clearly in Bahasa Indonesia (Sougb brothers translated for him as needed). Again, thanks to all of you who are praying for our language learning process. Another joy was to take Dad Lunow’s voice, in Sougb, through our Ipad/Ipod devices, and play it audibly, many times over, for the Sougb people to hear Jon’s parent’s Christmas greetings & words of encouragement “in their own voice”. Technology is amazing! To view photos of our travels with more details, you can connect with us on FaceBook under the name “Jonathan Lunow” and click the photo album “Christmas in Papua”.

Furlough & Family Update: First week of June we’ll be moving into the furlough home provided for us in Shorewood IL. Our travel schedules & supporter visits not yet firmed up. Ellie & baby are doing well with her delivery date set for March 10th. Ellie & Tyler, Ethan & Adam each continue on with their jobs in respecitve areas, researching options for future education, jobs, & ministry opportunities as the Lord leads. We look forward to being together again this June including holding our first granddaughter for the first time! Thanks for your prayers on behalf of our family!

Jon & Sherri Lunow


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