Lunow Update June 2014 – Map of Papua, Indonesia (also known as Irian Jaya; NOT Papua New Guinea) — Map can be viewed below..

Greetings everyone! Thanks for your prayers while we traveled over the past number of months! We hope the above map will better clarify where we have been traveling in Papua, Indonesia, in order to help the Papuan national missionaries with their church planting/outreach efforts taking the Good News of Christ Jesus into other parts of Papua. These are the Sougb missionaries (from the Sougb people group with whom Jon’s parents lived & worked among for about 35 years in Bible translation, church leadership training, medical assistance, etc.) And to better sustain their ministries, they are in the process of purchasing land and using it for income through livelihood projects as noted above. THANK YOU to all who have given gifts to help with these projects as God leads you! Jon will return to Papua mid-September, for about a month, to continue helping the various missionaries in the various stages of their projects. The land for Sem (northern part) is already purchased and being cleared/worked for the cocoa tree plantation. The others are still in process with paperwork–with plans still being developed. THANKS for your PRAYERS on their behalf!


We are now in the USA for a 1 year furlough, living at 720 Helene St. Shorewood IL 60404 (312) 602-2523. You may also reach us by email or cell phones with texts/calls: Jon 817-781-3784 Sherri 817-781-5754. Our travel itinerary is being worked on. Please feel free to contact us with your scheduling requests. We’d love to share with you in person what is happening in Indonesia! Looking forward to seeing many of you soon!!


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