Lunow Update January 2015


–GOD’S CALLING for us to move to Manokwari in Papua, INDONESIA, in order to…

1. Continue helping the Sougb missionaries bring God’s Word into unreached areas of Papua (Papua, Indonesia NOT Papua New Guinea).

**Jon will return to Papua for 2 weeks in May to bring support & funds for the ministries & livelihood projects (including land purchase).

2. Build relationships in Jesus’ name with the local Muslim transmigrants.

**Please pray with us for “Cornelius families” (see Acts 10)

3. Lay foundations for organic ministry in the Body of Christ in INDONESIA.

**This includes periodic travels to the Philippines to encourage the brethren in existing organic ministries there.

–GOD IS PROVIDING for us to accomplish necessary goals while in the USA…

1. Continued travels to visit supporters—both old & new, families & churches, to renew relationships, give updates, and present the mission work in new areas.

**THANKS to many of you who have encouraged us already in our visits!

Upcoming travels are in March-April, South USA; July-Aug, North USA

2. Building our current monthly support to a higher level in order to make this next move possible, plus raise some one-time additional funds for set-up costs.

**We are EXTENDING our time in the USA in order to make this happen.

THANKS to ALL who are helping, giving, and praying!

3. Get some much needed rest and medical attention before returning overseas.

**Nothing major, just caring for things that accompany stress & aging.

4. Helping our kids with major transitions during this season of their lives

**Just moved Ethan to an apartment room near Wheaton College — answered prayer. Adam is looking for full-time work at a zoo. Ellie & Tyler are settling in their work/ministry here in this greater Chicago area.  They are looking to buy a house, which could also be a home base for us. Please pray with us regarding these matters.


–GOD’S TIMING of when we can move to Manokwari, which is directly affected by a couple of things. First, securing more monthly SUPPORT

**Praise God that 20% of the needed amount has come in—thank-you—please pray with us for the rest!

And secondly, the securing of VISAS & HOUSING in Manokwari, INDONESIA.

**Recently the change in government has affected missionary visas. The news came, we prayed, then received follow up from the Indonesian Christian group we work with that God’s favor prevailed over these visas.

Serving CHRIST together with you, Jon & Sherri Lunow

Support to: PowerSurge Worship Ministries, 22 Hemlock Drive, Franklin NJ 07416

Our address: 720 Helene St. Shorewood IL 60404 (312) 602-2523

**QUESTIONS? Please contact us! Email is best. Snail mail & phone calls & texting are fine as well.

Jon’s cell# 817-781-3784 / Sherri’s cell# 817-781-5754