In A Shattered Visage, Ravi Zacharias reminds us, “It is the thrill of relationships that brings all of life into a focused expression. Man can relate to the material world and to the world of knowledge and machines only up to a point. If he does not rise above that, every association in his life is reduced to that level and becomes an object for his own purposes. An inversion of the worst order then takes place. In God’s economy we are meant to love people and use things…If relationships bring meaning to life then the ultimate mockery of life is the reality that all relationships are either ruptured by sin or severed by death. Each of us longs for a relationship that cannot be victimized by sin or destroyed by death. That relationship can only be found with God. Once that relationship is established, it serves as a blueprint for all other relationships, bringing the strength of genuine love, and shunning the cancer of selfishness.” (pp.148-149

Helping people to Experience Christ, Express Christ, and Expand Christ is our passion! This past February we were able to spend 2 weeks in the Philippines (where we served for 15 years) encouraging our brothers & sisters in Christ who are working at being the Body of Christ where they are. We also were greatly encouraged spending time with them! One of our brothers wrote us a note which summed up what we desired to see happen; he said, “It is our pleasure to host the ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ like you. Thanks for your visit, the message regarding the body and family, as well as your gift. We really appreciate your time spent and your encouragement to us. God blesses us both as we continue to fulfill the task he entrusted to us. Thanks for your partnership. Shalom brother Jonathan and sister Sherri”. Thanks to all of you who make this ministry possible through your partnering!

Currently Jon is in Indonesia for 3 weeks (March 15—April 7). In his latest phone call he said that the survey trip is going well with an openess among the people in the Bomerai Peninsula of West Papua; and that there was a baptism of new believers scheduled Easter Sunday in an outreach area where Urias & Lois Ahoren, Sougb missionaries, are already at work! How meaningful for Jon to be there also! We are excited and ready to move to West Papua this coming August, Lord willing, as our visa and housing situation are both looking positive. Jon & Urias would appreciate your continued prayers for God’s wisdom and favor in contacts with people, as well as protection in the journey, and good health (including healing from an allergy).

Our plans to create a Lunow home-base in TX were postponed. A good friend encouraged us, “Not now doesn’t mean never” so we wait on God’s timing. Our kids will remain in the Chicago area. Please pray with us for an affordable apartment in between Wheaton/Aurora IL area for Ethan & Adam that we can move them into this July. Adam continues and loves his work at the zoo in Aurora, and Ethan was accepted for a second masters program with full scholarship at Wheaton College! Ellie, Tyler, and Eva, will be expecting their next family member, a boy, this May, and I’m so thankful to be there and help out! Thanks tons to all of you who pray for our kids also.

Serving Christ together with you, Jon & Sherri Lunow

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