Lunow Update April 2016


• Safety in the many travels by foot, airplane, ship, speedboat, truck, taxi, and motorcycle

• Successful survey of the Bomerai Peninsula in West Papua Indonesia

• Identification of 3 people groups to help place national missionaries into, with one being a remote tree people tribe

• Baptism of 9 new believers in the Aroba outpost (where Urias & Lois Ahoren, Sougb missionaries, are already working)

• Missionary visas now in process for our August departure to Indonesia

• Pick up truck is ordered, the one we will buy on arrival, a huge ministry provision

• Securing of a rental house (below) for our ministry base in Manokwari, West Papua

• For you all, our faithful & generous support team who make all of this possible


• Smooth processing of our visas

• Affordable apartment for Ethan & Adam

• Safe delivery for Ellie & baby in May

• Emotional & spiritual preparation for ministry in West Papua and all it entails

• Vehicle needed for us to rent/borrow during July/August before departure

• Set-up costs ($15,000) to be provided in God’s way & God’s time. A break down of the necessary items for our location

  and needs in Manokwari is available to anyone who desires to participate & help out

• God’s Spirit preparing people’s hearts in West Papua to experience Christ, express Christ, and help expand Christ into new

  areas for God’s glory, including God’s continued wisdom for our participation

Grateful for your partnership in Christ to accomplish God’s work in this world,  Jon & Sherri Lunow

Support gifts payable to: PowerSurge Worship Ministries 22 Hemlock Dr. Franklin NJ 07416 (Lunow in memo)

Lunow Addresses: 1019 Cranberry Cir. Ft. Mill SC 29715 (permanent with Jon’s parents); 107 N President St Wheaton IL 60187

(current ‘til July 1st); 720 Helene St Shorewood IL 60187 (July/August with Ellie/Tyler)

Cell phones: Jon 817-781-3784 / Sherri 817-781-5754 Email: Questions? Contact us!

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