Lunow Update October 2016

STRENGTH… Our friend Albert Williams recently encouraged us with the following, “Strength beyond the Physical, ‘In the day when I cried out, you answered me, and made me bold with strength in my soul.’ On Psalm 138:3 James Nalton comments, ‘it is one gracious way of answering our prayers when God doth bestow upon us spiritual strength in our souls; if He does not give the things we desire, yet if He gives us strength in our souls, He graciously answers our prayers. What is this spiritual strength? I answer, it is a work of the Spirit of God, enabling a man to do and suffer what God would have him without fainting or backsliding’…”

SETTLING… How grateful we felt to land in Manokwari safe and sound with luggage in tact the morning of August 31st, an answer to many prayers! Upon arrival, we soon discovered that our housing and vehicle situation presented itself quite differently than previously agreed upon. The new truck secured by our downpayment found another owner with more authority who decided he needed it ahead of us and that we could buy the next one available in October (we did obtain it last week and praising God for this useful ministry tool). The necessary renovations on our rental house, also secured by downpayment, started to become a reality only after our arrival, an on-going process for us to oversee on site (currently renovations almost completed). We are learning new levels of flexing and adjusting to how things are done here. Little by little, with patience and endurance we are settling in. Your generous and faithful partnership make this possible–thanks!

SISKERA… At 4:30am on September 15th, we climbed into a rental truck with Sougb missionaries in order to travel 7 hours south by coastal road and then interior to the north side of Bintuni Bay. Forty years ago, Dan Lunow along with Sougb translators, hiked for 2 days (one way) over the mountains from Anggi Lakes to reach the Sougb village of Siskera with God’s Word. Hearts were open, Christ was embraced, and a small church formed. Now this area has 12 village churches, the newest one being one of the reasons for traveling there to celebrate—the fruit of souls for eternal life! Another reason to celebrate was the new village store being opened—the fruit of creativity among the Sougb missionaries to expand livelihood projects to help generate income for continued outreaches. Thanks to all of you who funded land purchase for growing/selling produce (cocoa, coffee, vegetables, fruits, etc), and also the motorcycles—what a huge help this has been! The newest endeavours, as God provides, include the building of boarding houses, and the purchase/planting of fast growing/producing coffee trees from Sumatra.

SURUREY… The Indonesian Bible Society recently funded and carried out the reprinting of more Sougb Bibles and additional Biblical literature to be given and purchased as an encouragement for the Sougb churches, including the digital version to be available soon. Sururey, the village and church in Anggi Lakes, the area where the Sougb translation of Scriptures took place, hosted one of the celebrations on September 26th. Again we were privileged to climb into a rental truck traveling 5 hours southwest through the mountains to Sururey, (whick also includes the Lunow homestead built 50+ years ago and still functional), and to celebrate the fruit of God’s Word going forth in understandable ways, because of all who sacrificed and served to make this happen. Together let’s keep our eyes on Jesus and continue His work til He comes.

Jon and Sherri Lunow with PowerSurge Worship Ministries 22 Hemlock Dr Franklin NJ 07416
Our New Address: Jonathan and Sherri Lunow, D/A Jln Wajib Senyam no 7, Perumahan Dokter Sowi Gunung, Manokwari Papua Barat 98315, INDONESIA
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