Today was an open house celebrating Connections 4th birthday! About 25 people came and the guest speaker was Dr. Bob Kuest. Against all odds Connections has remained open for this long and it will continue to thrive while Dale and Barbara retire for real, with its management being turned over to the Lewis family who arrived in Berlin from Florida, shortly before me.  Larry Lewis came from a worship pastor position and is transitioning to Director and his wife Teri will be increasing the children’s outreach side of Connections.  Their oldest daughter, Micah, will be attending college here and their youngest daughter Ericah is enrolled at the American school here.  I have found this family to be instant friends of mine and look forward very much to working together with them to unleash Connections variety of potential.

Prayer Request: The Lewis family needs to find a suitable apartment as it is taking longer than expected and is infringing on the activities they want to get started at Connections.  Also, Teri is still healing from 2 broken feet which also constrains their location.  I was informed the way apartment hunting works here is it is a sellers market no matter how many places are on the market.  There is a potential renters interview and references needed, because if the landlord has to take a renter to court later on for negligence or not paying, the landlord pays all legal costs plus a moving company to remove the renter.  All that to say, they are very picky.

Some other random trivia: when counting on the hand, thumb is 1 and index finger is 2.  Two kinds of flushes for 2 kinds of business.  On an elevator, floor 0 is street level and floor 1 is our second floor.