International Church of Berlin for September 11 Memorial service attended by the US ambassador and the German president along with several congressmen and a military attache.   I got there and hour and a half early and they were sweeping the grounds with bomb sniffing dogs.   The service was mostly in english and was mostly focused on world peace despite diversity.   The most moving part was when a guest singer sang “The Lord’s Prayer”, then it all seemed to fit… being in an amazing cathedral and hearing glory given to the One who deserves it and yet doesn’t need us to give it to him, or congratulate ourselves for inventing “world peace”.   The world needs to be at peace with God before it can be at peace with fellow men.
Monday, which is my day off, I went to the Berlin Zoo with Micah Lewis. Its the second largest zoo in the world and is refreshingly non-commercial and most of the barriers are trenches rather than fences giving a better view. Its a good thing rhinos cannot jump. The leopard cub and arctic fox cubs were ADORABLE.