Prayer Requests: That more people would use the resources Connections offers even if its just meeting unsaved friends for coffee in a non-threatening, non-church environment.  Also, the Lewis family still needs to find an apartment so they can dedicate all their energy to Connections.
Answered prayer: Kristi’s back is almost back to normal and she is pretty much mobile now.  God took my grandma Home and healed her.  I am truly thankful for God’s goodness to her and to our family through her.  Good bye to my Grandma who passed peacefully into heaven Friday morning. She lived 89 years, through the depression, had three children in the fifties, outlived three husbands, survived breast cancer, saw 5 grandchildren, lived with diabetes, and quietly served the Lord and her family for many years.  I was able to say goodbye to her last time I was in Indiana so my main disappointment was is not being present to support my family, but I was able to feel part of things by skyping the funeral.  My sister read the following, since I couldn’t be there:

Nana was the only grandparent I ever knew and I was her first grandchild. The reason all her grandchildren call her Nana is because I couldn’t say “grandma” and it stuck. She even called herself this, signing all her notes with the traditional “xoxo, Nana”. She didn’t pass on her height to me, but I am pretty sure my brown eyes came from her. I am going to miss my Nana, all her quirks and graces. Here are some of the many important lessons I have learned from her.

• If it is on sale, it’s worth buying.
• One can never have enough paperweights or shoes.
• Daschunds are not canines but angelic beings that grace us with their presence.
• One should wear dress clothes to go grocery shopping.
• A sister can be a best friend.
• Appreciation for God’s creation, like freshly ploughed fields and the shape of bare trees.
• If Biglots doesn’t have it, you don’t need it.
• How to show love by serving others.
• It is a bad idea to leave steaks in the trunk for a week.
• Scrapple and Scrabble are wonderful things especially together.
• Generosity
• How to graciously and patiently care for her mom for many years.
• Probably the most impact she has had on my life is indirectly: How she raised a girl who would one day be another wonderful mom to me.

I am proud and thankful to be part of a fourth generation of fine, God-fearing women. I know during her long life Nana wore many hats and was many things to many people, but I thank God I knew her as grandma. I wish I could be there to celebrate her life, but I look forward to celebrating eternally, God’s rich blessing on generations of our family. Love you and miss you Nana,