Of course my schedule is filling up already.  Not sure how this keeps happening, but I cannot pass up opportunities!  I found a volleyball league that meets across the street from Connections at a Baptist church.  I also joined a choir that is associated with the JFK International School.  Our Christmas concert will be in the Berliner Dom!!!  Woot!

ALSO…I am going with the Lewis family to Wittenberg on Reformation Day!  Mondays and Fridays are German tutoring sessions with a university student going into language education.  She makes it fun and easy to remember and has helped us a lot with pronunciation!

I am sitting here in the gallery looking at twenty boxes of books that were stored in the basement or recently donated which need to be sorted and shelved, sold or given away.  I have had plenty of design work to do as well!  Many more ideas are flowing for future projects and many ideas for classes I could teach here!  I think our outreach to children is a big draw for Connections.  Not too many check out books but people seem more apt to attend special events and hopefully bring friends!

Pray that our efforts are most efficiently combined and used to reach the lost and serve believers.

Food experience: Schnitzel – ground pork breaded and lightly fried over roasted potatoes with onions and chives and a red wine, bbq tasting brown sauce. yum yum!