PRAY: This ministry was born out of a group of men and women who gathered to pray and seek God’s direction. The success of any project we undertake will depend on the blessing of God. In our own strength the task is daunting and we are inadequate, but with God all things are possible. Therefore PowerSurge Worship Ministries is seeking individuals and churches to commit to the ministry of prayer over this work. If you would like to join us in praying for the ministry, please contact us at or write to PowerSurge Worship Ministries, 22 Hemlock Drive, Franklin, NJ 07416.

GIVE: Financing to support PowerSurge Worship Ministries is raised from freewill offerings, church and individual support, foundation gifts and grants, and proceeds from recording and publishing. The ministries of PowerSurge are made available (as funds allow) for any or no fee, as each situation requires. Our desire is to partner in ministry with the small church and missionary who have no funds available to pay for it. This can only happen if we build sufficient funding apart from their involvement through the vision and generosity of others. As such, we are seeking churches, individuals and foundations as partners in the financing of the ministry.  With the growth of PWM has come several specific financial needs. Ongoing needs continue, including the support of the executive director, missionaries and home office expenses.

GO: However, another pressing need has arisen as PWM receives numerous requests to send teams to many places around the world. There are two ways to help with this need.  First, considering going yourself or having a group from your church go on a short term project.  See our Short Term Projects page for a list of upcoming opportunities or contact us to create a trip specifically tailored to your abilities and talents and the needs of churches on the mission field.  Second, consider giving so that others may go.  Donations to the Projects Fund allow giving to be directed to these outreach and training projects, which gives PWM the ability to respond to the needs that are presented to us in a timely manner. These needs will not be met without the financial support of concerned Christians!

PowerSurge Worship Ministries is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in the state of New Jersey and has been granted 501(c)3 certification by the IRS. Tax deductible donations may be given directly to PowerSurge Worship Ministries, 22 Hemlock Drive, Franklin, NJ 07416.