Worship Education

WORSHIP 101: A Quick Look At Biblical Worship

The seminar explores the biblical roots of worship and moves from the individual experience into an understanding of the corporate gathering.  Material for the seminar has been gleaned from a variety of sources which we have been studying as we continually try to learn as much about biblical worship as we can.  A full bibliography is available, at least as full as possible, as we owe much to the likes of Robert Webber, Sally Morgenthaler, John Piper  and so many others who have shaped our thinking.

Topics covered include the definition of worship, an exploration of the object of worship, a focus on our purpose, a study of the corporate event, research into biblical models of worship, investigation of the use of the arts in worship, and an emphasis of the right perspective of worship.

We have presented early versions of the seminar to a variety of groups;  high school students, singles ministries, Sunday School classes, church wide seminars and to church boards and have seen the same response; a genuine gratitude for the material, a broader understanding of worship as a lifestyle and a changed perspective on the importance of worship in the life of both the individual and the church.

Pray for the continued development of this material and for its presentation and publication in the future. If you are interested in hearing more about this material or having it presented as a workshop in your church, please contact us.

The interest in this seminar and in the Bible study “Why Do We Gather?” has been overwhelming and highlights the need for the continued development of materials on Biblical worship!  The “Why Do We Gather” curriculum has been used in a variety of capacities: as a men’s Bible study, a training study to prepare a short term missions team, as the foundation for worship leader training in Africa, as a Bible study for house churches and as a devotional for choir and worship teams. It is now in the process of being rewritten for publication, with the intent to publish within two years along with a companion book that has yet to be written.  However, the study is available for use now in its “unrefined state”.  We would love to give copies to anyone who would like to use it.  We would ask, as we are rewriting, for any feedback that would help us to improve the final product.  If interested in using the study please contact PWM and request a copy.