Sonrise Mountain Revival

Sonrise Mountain Revival combines traditional and new bluegrass with Gospel, hymns, contemporary Christian and jazz elements.  The result is a dynamic mix, with audiences of all ages enjoying and being moved by their mountain music style.

Following a PWM template well received by audiences everywhere and very effective in proclaiming the Gospel and encouraging the  believer, Sonrise Mountain Revival presents concerts that explore truth, looking at life through the Christian roots of bluegrass and the scriptural basis of the lyrics, thereby giving them the opportunity to directly and clearly state the Gospel message.  They then take it from a “history lesson” and bring into contemporary application through their own personal testimonies of God’s work in their lives.

PWM is excited that God uses Sonrise Mountain Revival as they do something they enjoy so much.  We trust the Holy Spirit, as He has done so often through their concerts, to work through their offering of worship, using it to open hearts for Christ while encouraging the believer!

If you are interested in using SMR for an event, please contact them through the PWM International Office or through their website at  Visit the PowerSurge Worship Ministries Youtube Channel to see videos of the band.