Simple Outline of Worship 101

1.  We shape our worship and then our worship shapes us.
A.  Worship defined
B.  Worth Shape
C.  Romans 12:1 – Giving worth to God, a continuous action!

2.  A Picture Communicated
A.  Our view (picture) of God will shape how we live.
B.  What do we communicate about God in our worship?
C.  How is our view of God lived out with one another?

3.  It is our purpose
A.  Who we are in Christ
B.   Our purpose as the Body of Christ

4.  Our Life Together: the Corporate Event
A.  Worship is a celebration rooted in an event.
B.  Worship remembers God’s saving deeds
C.  Worship rehearses the covenant
D.  Worship involves sacrifice

5. There is a theological order of worship; ordered by the rhythm of revelation and response.

A. God invites – we gather
B. God speaks – we respond
C. God sends – we go

6. The story communicated: The Use of Arts in Worship
A. Worship is not dependant on the arts!
B. Measuring the use of the arts in worship

7. Worship with the right perspective.
A. Understanding the eternal value of what happens when we gather to worship
B. Recognizing the trancendant importance of worship