Why Do We Gather?

A Look at the Biblical Basis of Corporate Worship

Living Worship’s curriculum project has been completed and is in first draft form. The study, titled “Why Do We Gather?”, looks at the biblical basis for corporate worship. 30 lessons are broken into 5 sections.of 6 lessons each. We gather:

  • in response to God’s revelation
  • to proclaim that He is of ultimate worth
  • to respond to Him with each other
  • to commit to a life of worship with each other
  • to show forth the reality of God to the world.

Contributors to the study are Bill Briggs, Director of Faith Center for the Arts, Keith Morris, worship pastor at Calvary Baptist Church, Avon Lake, OH; Jeff Ridgeway, senior pastor of Hope Church, Randolph, NJ and Greg Gaffney, executive director of PowerSurge Worship Ministries.

The study in its development form was the basis of two Living Worship Insight, Impact and Innovation gatherings, used for training a short term missions team going to Brazil, the foundation for a bible study composed of men from four different churches, and as devotions for some of the Living Worship members home church worship ministries.  Since then it has been used in a variety of ways in a number of churches around the world.

The study is being put into student and teacher handbooks for broader distribution.  Digital copies may be obtained by contacting PowerSurge Worship Ministries.